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Professional Advice for the Seed and Start-Up Stages

Together with you, we will examine and analyse your business ideas, vision, market potential, and risk analysis in order to establish the following:

  • That your business plan is thorough, comprehensible, challenging and realistic.
  • That the business idea is innovative, forward-looking, suitable for the market and expandable.
  • That the personality of the founder, his education and professional training, job experience and his readiness to dedicate himself to the business are convincing.
  • That the budget and liquidity analysis for the first year of business are plausible. 
  • That the profitability calculation is realistic and ambitious.
  • That service providers are able to gain their first customers and show potential interested parties what they can provide, that product developers have prototypes, and that researchers have their first verifiable results.
  • That the founders and their partners are 101% committed.